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Timeline of the Harbour Arch Quay development in Plymouth


Sutton Harbour Group’s Harbour Arch Quay apartments in Plymouth will enhance and strengthen the appeal of the eastern side of the city’s historic harbour. With 14 two and three bed apartments on offer as well as two outstanding penthouse suites, the build promises a high standard of quality with an enviable finish.

The project is a crucial piece of ongoing work to regenerate this side of the city to complement the historic Barbican quarter and lively harbour and provide a welcoming area for visitors and residents alike.

Here are the developments as they happen on the build of these exciting new luxury homes for sale in Plymouth.


Day 1

Preparation work begins on the new builds in Plymouth. After Western Power Distribution diverted their cables, the trenches they left behind had be to be back filled. Soon after, the site’s electric meter was fitted.


Day 5

The ground workers began installing the piling mat to prepare for the piling rigs arrival.


Day 10

Former Leader of Plymouth City Council, Cllr Nick Kelly joined Executive Chairman of Sutton Harbour Group, Philip Beinhaker for a small site opening ceremony. This officially launched the start of the construction happening on North Quay. 

Mr Beinhaker said: “We are delighted to see work start on Harbour Arch Quay, which will offer new, high quality waterside homes in Plymouth, and continue our work to regenerate Sutton Harbour and establish Plymouth’s historic harbour as one of the finest in the UK.

“We thank Cllr Kelly for joining us to mark this occasion, and look forward to future development around Sutton Harbour further enlivening the city’s waterfront for the benefit of all who live, work and visit here.”

Cllr Kelly said: “I am very passionate about our incredible waterfront and so am thrilled to see this scheme get underway.

“The site alone will provide plenty of job opportunities in construction – which is great for local families – and once finished will be a fantastic addition to the harbourside.

“This is a huge investment in our city and will help make our waterfront even more vibrant and attractive.”


Day 15

The overclad with fire rated board was laid. A Fire Risk Assessment was then carried out.


Day 20

The foundations are being laid, and the crane base is being installed in anticipation of the tower crane’s arrival. Projections are set to be one week ahead of programme on the build.


Day 22

The tower crane has arrived on site which means the main part of the construction can now begin. Work is well underway on the Harbour Arch Quay apartments.


Day 25

The crane is now operational on the site. Stephenson’s have begun installing the steel frames in preparation for the concrete pour to happen in a few days’ time. This will fill out the main, core area. 

Meanwhile, the ground workers are continuing to work in confer areas undertaking pile cropping.


Day 28

The concrete lorry is now onsite pouring the main core slab. The ground workers have also begun working on the piles next to Pinnacle Quay.


Day 35

The concrete slip-form works are progressing at a rate of some two meters per day. It is very exciting to see the building starting to take shape.


Day 40


The build is currently on programme with ground floor slab works due to commence this week. The main slipform works will be continuing now that both the trailing platform has been installed and the initial concrete mix designs have been fine-tuned for initial set time. The structure is going up at two metres per day.


Day 51

Aerial shot of HAQ development

Slip forming the concrete core of the building is continuing at a pace and is now a third of the way up the new structure. Slip forming is a construction method where liquid concrete is continuously moving, being poured into a mould before setting. The method is used for creating tall structures.

The construction team are at third floor level now and the core is due to be completed in the next two weeks. As well as the core, the ground floor slab is being prepared for concrete pouring and the vertical columns have been started. A floor slab will be added to the building every two weeks.


Day 62

These pictures give a real sense of the progress being made on site and the pace at which the core of the building is advancing daily using the slip form concreting method.

Concrete is currently being poured at 6th floor level, with the height of the core increasing by about 2m each day. As a result, slip form work is expected to be complete to roof level at the 9th floor in the next week.

At the same time, work is continuing on the formation of the suspended ground floor slab around the core, which will allow columns and intermediate floor slabs to be installed flowing on from the slip form.


Day 67

building under construction standing at 8 stories high

Work on slip forming the core structure of the new Harbour Arch Quay apartment building has now been completed on site.

Contractors for Moor Manage are now turning their attention to starting construction on the suspended ground floor slab, including pouring the concrete as part of this work. The team will then continue working up the building, floor by floor.

The installation of drainage has also been completed and waterproofing the core area is taking place, as well as pouring the infill of this area, following the completion of the ground floor slab.

concrete filled floor in the harbour arch quay building

draining being installed into the harbour arch quay building


Day 70

Work has begun on pouring and forming the first-floor concrete slab, marking a significant milestone for the project.

With the core structure already completed, it is expected that a new concrete slab for each floor of the building will be formed and poured every one to two weeks. The roof slab, topping off the ninth storey, is expected to be poured at the end of October.

Once the third floor is finished, block work will start on the ground floor plant room and the perimeter of the ground floor.


Day 77

Week-by-week steady progress is being made in the construction of Sutton Harbour’s new Harbour Arch Quay development with the concrete frame completed up to the fifth-floor level now.

Work on pouring the floor slab at this height is under way and the concrete frame is expected to climb floor-by-floor every eight working days until it is completed at the ninth storey.

Blockwork walls to the ground floor of the building, which will house the plant rooms and back of house areas are also nearing completion – once this is done, contractors will be able to start on the fit-out of the electrical and mechanical works.

In addition, internal dry lining is taking place and the internal fit-out of the first-floor apartments has begun.

Latest pictures show scaffolding going up around the building to first floor level and this will climb a floor every week. This will allow the team to start working on the external walling.

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